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My Ineptitude with Technology (Especially from Best Buy)

Ughhh. This is one of those posts that are more like my own mental notes so that I don't forget somethings. [First point is an admittance, 2nd point is an "actual" mental note]

I like to think that I know a little more than the average person about my technology, but then DS Lars the bastard always reminds me what's quality and what's not. But I look at the technology I have now, and it fuckin' falls apart.

- My Sony digital camera can't take pictures. Ooo but I can view pictures from the past (Now that's useful !) I've searched through every damn manual they have and can't "troubleshoot" the shit camera at all. It's barely over a year old. Solution: Taking it back to Best Buy ! Next time: I'm looking to DS for advice. . .whatever his fuckin' camera is.

- My eMachines piece of shit keeps short-circuiting, i.e. turning off, when I go on iTunes, try and burn CDs, or hell any random time. This computer I got in goddamn July. Solution: Maybe I should stop leaving that shit on for such and extended amount of time, seems like it gets overheated. Or else I'm taking it to Best Buy ! Next Time: Just getting a Dell.

- My shitty Epson printer hasn't worked, so I use DS Lars' every time I have to print some goddamn paper (And I've taken a lot of classes this year that have required papers). It's been so long since I tried using it that I forgot the nature of the problem. Solution: Get a new printer. Hmm. Maybe not from Best Buy this time even though this particular printer was from COMPUSA, 8 years ago. Next Time: Getting a Hewlett Packard.

So what the hell was the point of this post ? Shit, it was a mental note to establish two things: my ineptitude with technology [admittance] and the shadiness of Best Buy ["actual" mental note].



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