What Girls Really Say With Their Spring Time Fashion

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I love spring time cause the skirts come out ("especially in Detroit, whe da bitches meet" - Benzino ) and all of a sudden there's a variety of revealing clothing, all of which says to the world: I'm OPEN for banging ! It's as if the plague of bats and flies has flown out out of that lil happy center they all cover up now that evil winter has gone and its time for those respective animals hiding in their shady, damp little homes, i.e. the lil happy centers to migrate. On the asses that these girls so openly reveal, they might as well tattoo bang ba bang bang bang bang bang on every girl who "acts like a girl" in the world !

Weeeee !

And damn, I can't quit staring there. I'm an ass guy, really (and you'll probably think I'm an an ass of a guy after you read this). It's tofu king addicting. I look at almost any ass and always try to pick up apart what they're trying to say with their clothing.

What Girls Really Say With Their Spring Time Fashion
For instance,

Yellow Booty shorts especially ones that have the Initials of the college printed on that ass: I always think of Ja Rule's "Always on Time" and Ashanti's voice singing the hook and the euphoric tone that plays right before the beat actually begins. Then a visual image comes to mind of some Santa Cruz at Cowell white girl looking helpless in booty shorts and spaghetti straps in her dorm room with lights low looking all tired closing the blinds and ready to get fucked by some tall half-witted short-haired jackass named Jordan (who will then add a "Knight" to his last name and proceed to do stupid dance moves and tell her how he can give it to her, of course in a masculine way).

White jean shorts: Rock the boat ! Change positions. Stroke it for me. Aaliyah's words not mine.

Blue jean shorts: That's sooooooooooo (queer eye voice) 1996. You know with a wide array of other colors like pink and white to emphasize how girly you are and how much you want to get humped, blue just don't cut it in this day in age. In fact blue jean skin-revealers have become really G rated in comparison to other vibrant colors.

Blue jean mini-skirt: (See blue jean shorts above)

Brown corduroy skirt: : P

Long slit: Ba ba ba ba bang (to the James Bond theme). It reminds me of Babs Bunny trying to bump her hip against Bugs or something. Or actually Lola in Spacejam.

The flowy skirt that is short: I always think they're going to go dirty dancing, which is good, but it's really not that attractive for some reason. I always wonder how many STDs the girl that wears this has.

Tight short long mini-skirt: I wonder if she made poo in the last few hours. If she forgot to wipe, then I wonder if that poo would permeate the skirt in smell and see. Slam her to the bed, and bang. Repeat.

Cargo mini-skirt: I think the girl has been swatting flies down there for a few hours. The material cargos are made of tends to trap heat and I can't imagine the upside down smile being not damp and shady with a few flies and stuff there.

Long mini-skirt with high heels: The girl wants some guy to do a tip, tap, tippity, tappada, and ultimately tap that ass and bang the fuckin shit outta me. (Or fuckin bang the shit outta me.)

Tight pants: Oh just take it off. You know you want to. Then I wonder how it would smell after I took it off and start wondering what I wonder about cargo skirts.

Long flowy skirt: Oh I wish you show'd more of that ass, you slut.

That's all I have folks. I know I know that this post needs visuals. . .if only I had a camera for an eye (that's an idea).

(BTW, It's also a given that any girl with short shorts who lays on her stomach just wants to get fucked (or fuck.)

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