Individualism and Selfishness

by B.J. on 6/12/2005 10:44:00 PM 1 comments Print this post

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People especially in Western society, have equated the two concepts.

If you're an individual, you must be selfish and focus only on what you can do in society.

What the fuck. Thanks Ronald Reagan and the new conservatism and exaggeration of poverty. (Someone please collectively pistol whip the idiots who make Reagan Revolution shirts in the mold of Che Gue)

I feel like the distinction must be made, over and over, especially to Disneyland America. Here it is:

Being an "Individual" means doing things on your own power, doing unique things by themselves, but necessarily excluding working with other people, while locating your own meanings.

Selfish is a trait that assholes have, doing things on their own power while actively shutting other people's needs out. Why ? Because they learned that that's what being an individual is.

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