The Friendly Confines of Downtown LA!

by B.J. on 11/14/2007 08:13:00 PM 1 comments Print this post

this collection makes me hot for you mr. dela.

eww. but i do love you more for it. so happy you've started your blog again. hope you're well and you keep on loving LA the way you do. =)
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No wonder so many people like to hang out around downtown LA!

They have interesting signs, the finest in chain-link, steel gate, barbed-wire architecture complete with Orwellian surveillance.

So great is the attraction that many people stay outside to be near its ambiance. Very often people get so caught up in the scene that they fall asleep outside!

Sometimes, they'll even pitch tents just so they can take it all in at once!

People courteously letting an exhausted wheelchaired architecture enthusiast have his sleep.

Oh the vanity of this man!

If you wanted to lie down in an open space park, the steel bars provide more than adequate support for your lower lumbar's needs! It would give you this...elevated feeling!

History is worth 1.5 Million dollars and this lucky family is afforded the opportunity to be near it!

Just like the Star Wars enthusiasts, only he's the first one there!

Oh boy, what will those creative souls in downtown LA think of next?

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