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Increase Your Brain processing power now!...Exercise!...Only 19.99 a month (unless you don't feel the need to give away the pieces of paper you earn to be trapped in the perpetual dick-waving contest called "gym membership" inside a box full overpriced equipment full of self-masturbatory narcisstic blowhards, and constipated-looking testosterone-blooded fuckheads.)

Maybe the next time you take a standardized test, instead of studying, you really should just take a run.

I notice that after every run I take, the music that ordinarily sounds fast, sounds much much slower after a run.

This is because the brain and it's left-brain functions are working fast.

From the NY Times Opinion

"In humans, exercise improves what scientists call “executive function,” the set of abilities that allows you to select behavior that’s appropriate to the situation, inhibit inappropriate behavior and focus on the job at hand in spite of distractions. Executive function includes basic functions like processing speed, response speed and working memory, the type used to remember a house number while walking from the car to a party."

What they're saying is that the brain works at a high level after a run or vigorous exercise.

It appears that the parts of the brain that do get enhanced are the ever-valued left-brained functions.

The left brain is the part of the brain that is logical, detail-oriented, and fast.

In philosphical terms, with the left brain you're examining the parts, not the whole.

In everyday terms, it's the part of the brain you use to make deductions in logic during the SATs, and making quick distinctions between wrong answers from right answers.

It makes quick decisions on the gun, on-the-go, on-the-fly. The part of the brain that doesn't become distracted and focuses on a task. You can see why it is heavily associated with maledom.

During vigorous exercise, you'd be training your brain's ability to make decisions in real time, on the gun, on-the-go, on-the-fly. Everything in your body is working according to that time-sensitive orientation. Everything is working fast. You're training your brain to recognize things in sequence, so that you improve your response/get better at what you do each time.

With everything working faster, your stimuli, such as the music I listen to, can be simplified to sound slower or look less than it is.

Left-brain, Right-Brain

While exercising has shown that it can increase your brain processing speed, and can stave off dementia and shrinking of some other parts of your brain, I wonder what exercise can do for critical thinking, and the right-side of the brain though (right-side and critical thinking, heh, heh, now isn't that an oxymoron.)

Perhaps exercise stops critical thinking? Perhaps that's why some folks from France hate it when their president Nicholas Sarkozy goes out for his runs. Heck isn't GW Bush in the top 1% of his age group for fitness levels?

Maybe that's why Michael Moore is pretty damn on point, most of the time.

Or perhaps why the linemen in American football are considered the smartest group of players.

Perhaps that fat sedentary bastard you see cleaning up the donut store is actually preparing the next and last definitive iteration of Principia Matematica.

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