Kicked Off the High Horse Into the Mud

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Burger King Exec Posts Comments against Coalition Workers Using Daughters' Account

"As the Coalition of Immokalee Workers prepares to deliver more than 60,000 petitions to Burger King headquarters in Miami today, the daughter of Burger King’s vice-president Stephen Grover confirmed her father is responsible for online postings vilifying the coalition."

"I think this shows a deep arrogance that a person at such a high level in the corporation would be directly involved in that type of harassment,” Stauber said. “This a huge black eye for the Burger King corporation. It’s the type of situation that lands companies in public relations textbooks on how not to engage the press, the public and your critics."

I'm going to give a weird response right about now.

Thank you Mr. Steve Grover for at least acknowledging the voice, something lots of people in your position would not even do. You went out of your way to smash people's human rights, and well, I just feel bad for you, man.

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