No on Proposition 98, Yes on Proposition 99

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I wrote a post back in January about the deceiving language in Proposition 98.

Found at the link below.

Now's time for some of the best videos on the subjects.

A short clip of music: No on 98

40-Second Clip on Prop 98

The Organizing around Props 98 and 99

Investigating the Destructiveness of a Yes Vote on Prop 98

Key phrase from the last video: [A Yes on 98 Vote means] We will be faced with insurmountable economic burden."

Prop 98 in the Bigger Scheme, Bigger Picture of Things in Cartoon from SAJE!

SAJE Video on housing and condominium conversions in Los Angeles

It's really quite appalling how greedy and disconnected people are. Making way for luxury housing when they already have all the options in the world, while displacing those who don't have any. Luxury housing? Fool, we need necessity housing!

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