This One's for the Funniest George in America

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I didn't really get into George Carlin until I got the book Napalm and Silly Putty one Christmas.

Couldn't put it down, couldn't stop laughing.

He definitely knew how to deliver his language, whether it was on paper or whether he was doing one of his routines. I wondered if my friend Daniel straight ripped off part of his jokes and blunt language from him. George was such a fluid comedian that I was actually concerned about whether or not he could speak so fluidly in real life.

What separated him and other comedians was that he also kinda knew what was going on in the world. He could analyze almost anything in his routines, and he didn't always have to be funny.

Anyhow, he's probably making God piss his pants.

The ultimate de-constructor of consumerism.

Master Language Contortionist.

Expert Historian

BS-Proof George Carlin.

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